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Our Story

Who We Are.


Motto: “Education for Empowerment

Founded in 2012 Kgalalelo Education Foundation is a registered South African’s leading Education Foundation, providing a one-stop service for young people and youth entities to undertake education, social and leadership development. Our mandate is to provide support and mentorship to rural learners who want to access education of higher learning.

Through our dedicated team of professional executive members with complement of vast knowledge of skills we are competent and equal to the task. Kgalalelo Education Foundation seeks to address challenges faced by young people in Education, Social and leadership development. The Foundation was launched on the 3rd of May 2013 in the rural Limpopo at Bolobedu. Since its establishment up to date the foundation has reached over 20 000 beneficiaries in its three years of existence. The main purpose that led to the establishment of this foundation was to bridge the gap between the rural and the urban learners and also to afford the rural learners an opportunity to get access to information on careers and also study opportunities. We also strive to offer support to the students who are at the tertiary institutions since we identified a serious challenge of higher rate of tertiary dropouts within the first year of study. The team of Kgalalelo Education Foundation is comprised of the different young professionals with a passion for empowering the young people throughout the rural and disadvantaged communities. The foundation also partners with institutions of higher learning in availing study opportunities to the less privileged young people to further their studies.

Our development expertise includes education, health, welfare, livelihoods, sports, arts, leadership, substance abuse and drugs, children and youth.

Our reputation as a prominent national foundation is built on our practice of building strong relationships between our beneficiaries, supporting institutions, sponsors, communities, the public sector and international partners.

Kgalalelo Education Foundation strives to remain at the cutting edge of pertinent issues, best practice and practical engagement around social development. In this way, we are able to foster knowledge-sharing in the education and leadership development. We also forge continue to partner with organizations which work in line with our mandate. To add value by assisting young people to gain access to institutions of higher learning. We recognize that these people are the most effective change agents in any society.

Mission Statement

Restoring the dignity of an African Child through education. Kgalalelo Education Foundation intends to empower young people through education and leadership development. Raising tomorrow’s leaders through education and leadership development.

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